The 'stART up' music group at SOLA ARTS, with the combination of all genders, yesterday met at Toxteth Library to put different sounds together. The aim of the project is to produce a multi-ethnic and cultural music for a big event on December 18th at the library, on Windsor Street, Toxteth, Liverpool 8

The group, under the directive of SOLA is bringing the spirit of togetherness between the refugee and the local communities.
Therefore people from different backgrounds are included in this project, where the idea is to put different sounds together to produce a positive outcome.
Yesterday the group was divided in two mini groups to create their own pieces with the aim of combining the two talents together.

This week ten music group members worked very hard. The group meets every Thursday at the Toxteth Library to develop performances for the event in December.

The idea is not to train the group what to play, but to come up with their own creation of sound by playing different kinds of instruments from different countries and different cultures.


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