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Over the holidays we don't forget

Thanks for a small grant from Comic Relief!

All In one Studio 9th Dec 2016

We always welcome your donations...

Busy Mondays with our wonderful start of the week volunteers!

Remembering Andromaco's time at SOLA ARTS

this week's Art Group- everyone wanted to share...

An award for SOLA ARTS from MOWLL

Tuesday Art Group update

All In One Studio today

Welcome to the SOLA Team Urbain!

A memory of WOMAD 2013

Ending of another busy and blossoming week of Art Therapy, creativity and personal developmnen

Tuesday Art Group- still going strong

Visit to Tate Liverpool LAssnig and Bacon Exhibitions Sept 2016

We just love MR Charlie when he comes to the All In One Art Studio on a Friday!

Exhibition at the People's Museum Manchester October 2016