Busy Mondays with our wonderful start of the week volunteers!

Rachael and Urbain SOLA's volunteers on a mission this Monday fundraising and sorting out our new website (to become public in February fingers crossed).

Well Racahel has volunteered with us some years ago through her music and tutoring skills and we are really happy to have Rachael back with us in a new volunteer role as supporting fundraiser! Rachael gets to develop her fundraising and bid writing skills and we get help with the one important thing we don't often have time to do!

Urbain has been working on our new look website that will be linked to this blog. Urbain has never used Adobe Muse or designed a website with such a programme yet is bringing in his design and creative initiative and talent to make this into a great project. We are looking forward to seeing it live on the web in the early months of 2017.

Thanks to you both for all your support!!!!


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