Asylum Growing Press Greenhouse Project

The first workshop held on the 30th of January in the Methodist Church in Kensington was successfully orchestrated. The beginning stages of the project consisted of the women engaging in plant pot paper mache out of a variety of newspaper articles that delivered debate on immigration with the intention of developing discussions between the women within this group that it directly relates to and discussing the effect that these media representation have on the people concerned. 
Many concerns had been voiced previously on the effect that these emerging elements within the media may have on the children of many of the women involved within the group. A concern that effects the detrimental future and progression of immigrants integration within our society and culture. 
It was excellent to see a lot of the children involved in the production of these plant pots that we will continue to produce over the next few weeks. Followed by workshops for creating the newspaper flowers to be displayed within these pots. 
Ultimately we will be building discussions around the articles we find within these newspapers that concern and give a knock on effect that this has on the general publics perception of immigration, refugee's and asylum seekers and creating something positive out of these articles through creativity and speech. Also this will encourage many of the women to use the english skills that we have previously held workshops for, with their use of communication and also their reading skills. 


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