Netherley Dementia & Alzheimer's Carer's Forum event

SOLA ARTS has been very busy recently delivering workshop’s for a variety of groups who may experience of be vulnerable to Dementia.

One of these events was on 23rd April, where we spent a full day delivering a selection of activities in St Gregory’s Church in Netherley- to support local sufferer’s of dementia and their carers.

A perfect environment for our workshops

As well as our crafts workshops, a large selection of other forms of support where provided throughout the day, such as counselling and advice. Also with the help of local nurses, a general medical check was provided and, if you where lucky, a massage to help you truly relax. 

As the main base of creative support we enabled people to spend the day producing their own forget-me-not flowers, which was a massive hit! The overall final pieces of work produced where outstanding and gave a massive sense of accomplishment to all the people involved. 

Incredibly professional and well crafted pieces of artwork were made with a great group of people. This was an excellent way to support hand-eye co-ordination skills, as well as the therapeutic element of creative arts.

We also brought along forget-me-not seeds for participant’s to sew and plant pots to decorate. Perfect timing, as the forget-me-not flower tends to bloom at this time of year so it won't be long before their plants start to flourish.

This event was a huge success. Looking forward to another next year


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