Garston Park Mural

Remembering the mural SOLA was commissioned by Merseyside Youth Association and Friends of Garston Park to work with local people to create, in collaboration with 2 other local artists from Tag Art and Redberry Arts and various groups in Garston.
This year's lovely warm weather has reminded us of the fun and creativity had whilst creating Garston Park Mural.

The images explore historic and significant landmarks around Garston, creating a landscape of the area. Some groups also created boards that best represent their group's interest in the area. For example the bottom picture shows the local Family History project with a family history tree made of images of hands from the people of Garston for the leaves. Beautifully poetic.

Check it out if you go along Brodie Avenue towards Garston, Liverpool.
The mural goes around the football cages, on the side of the car park next to the Lifestyles centre.


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