SOLA @ Platforma Festival- delivering exhibition, crafts stall, Presentation and Workshop!!! Wow :D

SOLA had an amazing time at Platforma Festival this year; . So glad we were invited and able to take part. Many thanks to CAN ( and Counterpoints Arts ( for organising the festival this time round, for supporting our travel and inviting us to deliver. What didn't we do? From delivering a presentation with Humberto Velez and some of the SOLA crew for Friday's Plenary, Adele Spiers SOLA's resident Art Therapist delivering a workshop on Art Therapy in a refugee context, craft stall by Healthy Inclusion women's group SOLA facilitates and exhibitions by SOLA folk.
Apparently we took the largest group along. Proud to share solidarity for refugee arts, social action and change making through creativity.

Saw some amazing art, heard some great tunes and experienced inspiring creative collaborations and visual stimulations.

Laughed together, sighed together and danced together and had 2 great visits to Wilmslow Road to eat together!

More photos to follow


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