Moving Facebook content!!

It's been ages since we last posted - and we're now in the process of archiving our past activities.

Look out for posts about our activities from as far back as 2011!!!!

Please like our Facebook page - we will be closing our other pages once all of our content and photos have been transferred over!!!! We don't want to lose anyone when we delete the old pages.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused - Facebook has forced us to change the format of our page.

For now, here's a 'Thought of the Day' from back in 2012!

All refugee children that arrive in the UK are different. Some of them may have enjoyed a safe family life and a good school in the past. Others may have suffered terrible scenes of violence and horror.
But despite their different backgrounds, all refugee children arriving in the UK share new feelings and experiences. Starting life all over again is really tough. Think about how you would feel as a child starting something totally new in a different country?


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