Tuesday Art Drop-In Group at Ducie Street

Our Tuesday group recently spent a few weeks adding to the wonderful art project in Granby on Ducie Street.

Here's the group in week one adding the first layers of colour :).
The Tuesday group meets to explore art making and playing with words while building confidence and skills.

Almost there! Building up pattern and design and the beginning of incorporating words into their work.

Almost Finished! The designs included a juke box and a fruit machine for the two pillars and a landscape of words for the door!

All done :)! To finish it all off everyone had fun splashing all the leftover paint onto the walkway! 
How great to be a part of such a beautiful project bringing together the community and how great is it that the artwork has been shown in the news. Congratulations to the Granby Four Streets project that won the Turner Prize for all their efforts. We are so proud to have been involved. :)

The Tuesday art group runs from 3 'til 5 every Tuesday until June and there is still some spaces available if you'd like to come and join us! :)


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