Positive Action in Housing

SOLA ARTS has recently been involved with a Scottish charity called 'Positive Action in Housing' and their home for refugees project. Together they have been working to support a client of SOLA's into a stable and warm home while he transitions into building a life for himself here in the UK. 

Now home for refugees is looking to expand out of Scotland and into being UK wide and is on the search for 'hosts' to support their clients. Do you think you Could you provide safety of accommodation for a refugee who is destitute? If you do consider signing up to be a Home for Refugees 'Host'. 

Find out more: http://www.paih.org/host-a-refugee/

SOLA ARTS recently travelled to Glasgow where SOLA met with the Positive Action in Housing- Rooms for Refugees team when Shumon (Coordinator & Social Worker in our Art Therapy programme) and Kenneth (one of our volunteers) delivered a workshop on November 4th for PAIH.

It was a very powerful and emotional day for the Positive Action In Housing team and Shumon who ran the workshop for the PAIH conference which focused around their hosting refugees scheme which SOLA ARTS is involved in. 

Also on the day Eric Kempson from Lesvos showed one of his films around the situation going on with the refugee arrivals and the horrendous situation there plus the serious losses of life. He spoke passionately and emotionally clearly affected by what he is experiencing and has seen. 

Shumon talking at the conference.


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