The 'Create' project is well on its way now!

Day 2 of SOLA ARTS hosting therapists training as part of the Erasmus+ funded 'Create'; Arts/Creative Therapies partnership project for refugees.

Two days in of a full week of activity, we are a little exhausted, very inspired and fully engaged! How wonderful that Art Therapists, Drama Therapists, Dance/Movement Therapist and other professionals working with their proejcts can come toegther, share, explore therapieutic approaches and formulate a pilot therapy project whilst also having CPD training and with people from 6 european countries- wow!


CREATE is an Erasmus+ KA2 Project co-funded by the European Union.

The project runs for 2 years through a strategic partnership of seven Arts, Creative/Arts Therapies and Adult Education organizations from five European countries, working with refugees and migrants through
Creative/Arts Therapies.

Countries involved include Ireland, UK, France, Germany and Italy.

CREATE will use co-production and collaboration to develop training modules and a toolkit for
Creative/Arts Therapists, Therapy Supervisors and services working with refugees and migrants through the Creative/Arts Therapies. Developed by Creative/Arts Therapists these resources will also be accessible to psychotherapists and allied health professionals across Europe.

CREATE includes therapy interventions using
Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Dance & Movement therapy as a foundation for supporting psychological wellbeing people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Together we are constructing a bridge for therapy and professional development in the field of
Creative/Arts Therapies across Europe.

The partners in Create cover a wide geographical span across the European refugee migration belt, which brings a significant dimension to the working partnership.
These countries are representative of the diversity in
Creative/Arts Therapies practice as well as the physical transit that a refugee may take across Europe in search of safety and belonging; Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Ireland.


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