Thanks to ESF for funding towards our All In One Studio

We found out a week or so ago that the commitment and efforts by volunteers and members of the All In One Studio at SOLA ARTS held in our attic room upstairs has resulted in a successful funding bid to the European Social Fund to deliver a 9 month employability project. Yippie!

The project will be to support learning and skills development, mentoring and personal development for people from BME, refugee and disadvantaged backgrounds who are either isolated or vulnerbale to mental health difficulties and have been long term unemployed.

Supported by an Art Psychotherapist & Creative Skills Support, Volunter Mentor, Learning Mentors and action planning Personal Development Social Worker the project aims to support 12 core learners and 30 other learners to develop their skills, explore their talents and work towards setting up the studio as a cooperative model.

It's really exciting!!!

With thanks to the Workers Educational Association North West for administering the grant and supporting us through the project :-)


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