FESTIVAL31 at Tate Exchange and beyond...

This year's festival is going extremely well, with lots of energy, conversation and passion from refugee artists and the wider community in the region.

Today people from refugee backgrounds living in St. Helen's will be visiting Tate Exchange for the penultimate day of the artists exhibition there before the work travels to Alder Hey Foundation Children's Hospital, Joseph LAppin Centre Old Swan and many more places around the city.

If you are travelling to St. Helen's this afternoon by train look out for some spontaneous artwork made by the St. HElen's group in reposnse to their visit to Liverpool!

There have already been lots fo activties and happenings including a talk by Tony about his experiences in El Salavador for Music for Hope, dance workshop today by Movema for British Red Cross and lots more.; www.festival31.com/.events

And of course tomorrow is the bog festival celebration event at St. Bride's Church, Liverpool 8.

Hope you can join us over the month :-)

Postcard installaltion responding to 'Belonging means...'

Zine by Between the Borders of photogp[rahs by Rania Ahkhllo and Howard Davies, of Syrian families and their neighbours that has inspired other artworks for the festival

Noel Urbain's version of a safe and creative enviornment represented through a virtual journey

Faith's 'The search for happiness'

Noel Urbain

Installaltion a/v pieve by Farhood


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