Visit to Arena Art Studios- All In One Studio Group

We had a great visit to Arena Art Studios last Wednesday for the All In One Studio group.

Participants were able to explore the realities of being a professional artist in Liverpool and running or being part of a professional art studio space. This helped the group think more about how our own studio programme may look in the future.

A big THANKS to Arena for giving their time and enthusiasm to welcome us in and share their learning over the years.

Some feedback has been;

'This was great to go around a new part of Liverpool. The arts and cultural places we don't normally go to or know about'

'I'm glad I went. I understand about being a professional artists and being part of a studio more now'
'I didn't relaise artists had to work in such small or basic spaces. I thought it would be more sleek and big spaces. It is expensive being a professional artist'

' A practical space where things happen'

' It was really interesting to see that professional artists in liverpool also have to do other full time owrk and they fit in their art as a passion. This is their commitment'

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