Volunteer Blog: Ekhlass & Amal

This month’s blog is from our most recent volunteers Ekhlass and Amal. Originally from Syria, they’ve been supported by SOLA for a while and now they are our volunteers with our project accounts;
“In August, we started as volunteers at SOLA ARTS. We have been working one day a week with Tony to help with SOLA’s budgeting and finance. We have learnt how to use Excel (which we had not used before) and lots of new ways to work with budgets; petty cash, file ordering by date, checking details and converting currencies. Volunteering also helps us to improve our English and to have confidence to communicate with other people. We enjoy working alongside Tony, Adele, Nicola and Nesrin and taking part in the GAIA women’s project. Although these experiences have all been new to us, we have found it really interesting to work with people from a variety of backgrounds. We are looking forward to continuing learning and developing our skills.“