I came to know about SOLA through a friend just after I moved to Liverpool. When I visited SOLA for the first time, I talked to Adele who is the Manager and I was amazed by their work, especially their Art Therapy services. Thus, I was interested to work with the organisation who are passionate to support vulnerable people through arts.

Being an architect and having experience in arts management in my background, I was always passionate to explore emerging technology in order to bring creative vision for the livelihood and wellbeing of people. My approach is about making a positive social impact by challenging prejudices and other forms of stereotypes through artistic expression.

I was drawn to SOLA right away because I was previously involved in different projects for wellbeing and for a well-built environment such as the usage of renewable energy, designing and construction of low-cost habitat, clinics and schools in remote and poor areas in Africa. My belief is that, "art is one of indispensable keys for addressing the challenges that our communities face today".

Since then, I have been volunteering with SOLA. During this time, I helped to set up an art studio called the 'All In One Studio'. By being a part of SOLA I quickly became accustomed to Liverpudlian ethics and feel better with the community as I had just moved to England.

SOLA also holds a range of activities and works on various projects from time to time. This was good for me as part of my volunteering journey and seeing the benefits of helping other people has brought me pleasure. I have learned plenty of new skills and broadened my experience in return.

For instance SOLA was in need of a website, so with encouragement and brilliant ideas from SOLA's team, I took that opportunity as a challenge to learn about Adobe Muse for website development. As a result, the website has been finalised and it’s live now.

Through SOLA, I was one of several commissioned artists for FESTIVAL31, where we had an opportunity to exhibit at TATE Gallery Liverpool, talk on BBC Radio Merseyside and interact with communities about refugee themes.

Furthermore, I work on other websites improvement, maintenance search engine optimisation, social media production and promotion.

I am not only glad to have known and worked with SOLA but also to be a part of the SOLA family.