STAFF BLOG: Elizabeth

I am Elizabeth, a child and adolescent psychotherapist who has been involved with SOLA for a few years now and in many different roles.

At the moment I offer supervision, participate as a volunteer in the Youth Project and work along side two SOLA members on the 'Art Therapy in the Community' project that is seeking to promote men's mental health. 

The rich diversity promoted by SOLA is amazing. Those within the community who are vulnerable, broken, muted by their traumatic experiences and those left disillusioned by inhumanity arrive at different stages of their journey. However they find opportunities and space to pause for breath for a moment, reflect and process if they choose to, share and acquire skills, build confidence and socialise.

This year it has been my privilege to work with some of the women at SOLA who were asked to contribute to an exhibition focusing on courageous women. it has also been exciting to be part of the Youth Project and work alongside a group of young people who brought creativity, energy, laughter and poignant experiences to their work.

The image I've added to this blog is a reminder of the beauty of diversity and speaks to me of a time when we can flourish and blossom freely alongside each other. The image is uplifting and fills me with warmth and pleasure. The endless blue sky with clouds reminds me that whilst life is hopeful we are also in touch with the struggles of reality.


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