The Unknown Space

Another powerful poem written by SOLA volunteer Debbie:

I walk in a different land, my footsteps are measured and cautious
Everyone is a stranger, unfamiliar faces fill the streets.

The landscape of my home was so beautiful to me, 
Here things are dark and grey. 

How do I express my feelings when the words get stuck on my tongue?
Even the food tastes unlike anything I have tried.

I miss my family and friends the good times we had together.

As I leave the house, a place of safety for me, I wonder what the day will hold.

Will l make a new friend who understands my fears? Or will l feel like an alien with people staring at me and calling me names?

I just want to live my life, without a pain in my heart, without a sense of loss.

I just want to belong.

Poem and illustration by Debbie


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