4WORD Magazine

We are well on our way now with contributions coming in from around Liverpool and afar. Check out the web blog
4wordmagazine@wordpress.com for a better view of how things are developing our newer site- still work to do there as we move from tumblr to wordpress but nearly there, so bear with us on this.

We are always looking for contributions of writings, visual art, animation, film, all sorts really so long as it is creative. Also, we have free space in the magazine for adverts from ethical business/projects and community groups about what you are up to.

Over the past few weeks our core group has been working really hard to get the magazine online in time for our launch in the celebration event 18th December.
 The group have been working as a cooperative, supported by SOLA. Lots of new skills are being developed by the week, including storytelling and journalism, music making, web blogging, Mac computer use, internet researching, IT literacy in general, marketing, project strategy and creative programmes development, governance, social networking, fundraising, language development and we have been using a range of programmes to increase skill levels including-, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Garageband, Sound Studio Pro, etc.



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