Film Making With the Positive Progress Group At MYA

Over the past few years, SOLA and Merseyside Youth Association have worked together in various ways for the benefit of young people across the region.
More recently, we have bee able to strengthen our collaborative projects and MYA have commissioned SOLA to deliver 2 film projects, one of which has involved working with the Positive Progress group and the Mary Seacole House partnership for this.
 We delivered several film, camera work, audio recording and interview skills workshops, using Mac Computers, iPhones and professional video camera. Some fo the participants share some skills already that they are able to update, whilst others where new to this area of creativity and film-making. As a result, the young adults documented the Positive Progress Celebration Conference in mid November, and we are able link and share with other young people from Merseyside Youth Association’s Fund, Young and Involved group. It was great to link with the FYI group as SOLA have worked with them on various past projects, including documenting a conference a year or so ago. So, it was brilliant that both sets of young people could come together to exchange skills and support each other.
 It was a long day, so we are so grateful and proud of all the participants in their efforts and ability to concentrate for the whole event.
Some great interviews were done and we were able to showcase at the conference, a short film highlighting the learning and experiences in the workshops and another showing some of the interviews on the conference day.

A compilation video is currently being produced, bringing the experiences and documentation together, watch this space.
Thanks again to MYA and Mary Seacole House for bringing us on board, the experience has been fantastic and we have really enjoyed making friendships and working with the young people.


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