Immigmedia Greenhouse Project

This week was full of all kinds of creative activities for the women and children to get involved with.  We would firstly like to thank The World Museum who's excellent volunteers came along and created all kinds of crafty, colourful masks and head garments with the group. 
This allowed the women to explore a whole variety of tools and equipment and truly let their creative side shine. 
This would not have been possible without the support of World Museum, who we hope will be coming along to do similar workshops in the future. 

We also had Andrew's music group with the women today who are sounding better and better each week. Hopefully we can get some recordings for you all to hear and see soon!

Also the Immigmedia Greenhouse took up residence within the group again today, where the children decided this was their own little house to play and have stories read to them.

We had a range of activities based around and within the greenhouse, many of the women enjoyed planting their own seeds that will grow and be nurtured throughout the process of this on going project. They will ultimately be brought along to the Liverpool John Moores Degree show where I (Emily Phipps) will be discussing the development of this particular project and the work that SOLA ART does with the general public, they will be able to take the seeds that will have grown by this time and replant them into the plant pots that the women produced out of newspapers a few weeks ago with the topic of immigration captured inside of them and the lingering discussions based around the effect these articles may have on their situation. 
These plants will then be brought back to Kensington Methodist Church for the group to enjoy and help grow on and on.

We are also continuing with the English speaking, reading and writing help that we have previously offered within the group and informing the women of further ESOL classes that SOLA are hosting each week. 
A lot of the women have come on leaps and bounds with their spelling and writing skills. The great volunteers that keep all the children entertained, allow the women to focus on these activities and learning of new skills but ultimately enjoy their time spent in these weekly group sessions.


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