What are we getting upto at the moment??

SOLA has been recently working on a Mural for The Florence Institute that is currently being restored. 
It is truly a wonderful building that is packed with history and character. The work that has been done so far to the building has been great to see and will be brilliant for the community once it is finally opened to the public. 

Many of SOLA's volunteers have been hard at work to paint the mural for the main gym area, a wall that isn't the easiest place to access but each of us are enjoying the challenge. 
Here are a few images of us getting suited and booted for the task ahead! 

Don't worry though, we are still running all of our other projects along side this and have a lot of activity still in our office/studio space. 
A wonderful new oil painter has recently joined us and we will be posting some of the work he does for you all to experience so keep an eye out! 


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