Social Network Training

Today a group of our volunteers where involved in a social network training session which was held at Red Ninja Studio's. We would like to thank all the members for taking time out of their busy schedule to help train all of us on how to showcase to you all the broad, unique, exciting projects and work that all of us are producing within a variety of community groups. 

From this opportunity we will be able to broadcast all the work that SOLA ARTS has been devoted to and hopefully allow you to get involved in any shape or form and as little or as much as you are all willing to.  

We have many on going projects to share with you and some commissions creeping up that we will be sure to fill you in on. 
As well as sharing a daily thought for you to ponder on while you check into your profiles. 

We are always looking for more volunteers, collaborations, ethical businesses, charities, commission and fundraising opportunities so please do keep us updated on what you are all getting up to and keep an eye out for all our updates, there is lots of interesting things to come!


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