Aintree Hospital Diversity Festival from the 16 to 21 of May 2011.

This year we invited to participate in Aintree Hospital Diversity Festival, a week long festival from the 16th to the 21th of May.

On the Thursday, we held a mug decorating and myth busting workshop about refugee and asylum seeker issues in the UK.
Also on this day, Anwar a musician from Somalia played the Oud (an instrument similar to the guitar) for a small performance and to create a lovely mellow atmosphere.

On Friday, Alex a puppet theatre worker, Suren from Sri Lanka, Ngawang from Tibet and other volunteers performed a puppet theatre about the story from Tibet.  

Again there were several music performances by Anwar and by Farshad (from Iran who played Kurdish music on the violin), as well as a poetry and storytelling performance by Pa Modou Bojang- supported by Olinga from Germany and Adele from Liverpool. 

It was a great afternoon and we were joined by some other great performers form Liverpool to entertain hospital staff, patients and visitors. 


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