New youth programme Sounds of the Street starting in August 2011.

In August we will start a new youth programme, bringing young people from the north end of the city (Everton and Anfield) together with young refugees based in the south end.

The young people will explore and exchange experiences they have had on the streets of Liverpool and the sounds around them, but also including those from their home countries.
The program is divided into three stages.

In the first stage they will get to know each other as well as exchange their ideas and develop skills with audio and digital art.  The creative and experiential outcomes of this stage will be presented on the 21st September 2011.

Stage two will be the planning and writing of a theatre piece, which will lead into stage three being the rehearsal and performance of the piece at a recognised theatre establishment in Liverpool (venue to be confirmed).

The Programme is open to people from 11-19 years old. If you would like to participate in this project, contact us!       


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