‘Amnes-tea in the Park’ ; Amnesty’s 50th Birthday (16th July) in Sefton Park

Last Saturday we celebrated the 50th Birthday of Amnesty International in Sefton Park.
 From 12pm to 8pm there was a diverse programme. A lot of different musicians performed at the stage as well as poets and speakers who talked about the Arab Spring and especially about the current situation in Algeria. They also had an film tent, food, and refreshments.
There were many things to do for children like face painting and button making.
SOLA ARTS supported Amnesty International with our own tent where we painted big hands with Arabic henna design and the children also made their own hands out of paper and coffee sticks.
Although it rained pretty much all of the day, we had a great time and a lot of children showed up.
At the end of this event, all people came together in front of the stage with their big and small hands where photographs were taken as a sign for humanity and human rights!


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