‘stARTup ‘ project Monday 4th of July (Women’s group)

This week we started to develop ideas, began to think about the resources needed, and started to plan the articles necessary for our new newspaper project. There were 35 women and 8 children, 4 volunteers involved and we all had a great time!

There have been some great ideas for the magazine articles including hair braiding, how to make jewellery, fashion, wedding traditions, henna, sewing techniques, women asylum seekers and the issues they face, motherhood, healthy eating and recipes, etc, etc, However, to carry out the project in the way that the women would like, we need your support for donations of different coloured fabrics (especially African fabrics) as well as sewing machine cotton threads, hair extensions for braiding and for the jewellery making we need beads in different sizes.

NOTE: It’s important for us to get donations for this project otherwise we won’t be able to carry it out in the way we have planned. So ,please , if you can, donate something!


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